Frequently asked questions

How do I make my own pair of booties?

To make your own pair of booties, check out the pattern I use below. The pattern is adapted from Knitting SOS. I shrunk the pattern so the booties fit a newborn baby. Remember, the pattern makes one bootie! You’ll need to repeat from the start to make a pair. Booties by Bri has a few different designs, but this is the main one. The below pattern makes the design you see in the photo here. Step 1: Cast on 28 stitches Step 2: Knit 9 rows, slip the first stitch Step 3: Decrease (this will form the rounded toe) Row 10: Slip 1, K10, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K11 Row 11: Slip 1, K9, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K10 Row 12: Slip 1, K8, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K9 Row 13: Slip 1, K7, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K8 Row 14: Slip 1, K6, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K7 Step 4: Form the band Row 15: Slip 1, Pearl Row 16: Slip 1, Knit Row 17: Slip 1, Pearl Row 18: Slip 1, Knit Row 19: Slip 1, Pearl Step 5: Bind off (this will create the edging) Note: Make sure to bind off loosely. You need to be able to stretch the opening enough for the baby’s foot to fit into the booty. You’ll want to leave a long enough tail to sew the bootie into shape. Step 6: Sew the bootie into shape With the bootie right-side out, start sewing from the edge of the bootie down to the base. Once you’ve sewn down to the base, turn the bootie inside-out. Sew the base together in a simple weaving pattern. Step 7: Weave in your ends While the bootie is inside-out, weave in your ends and cut off the excess yarn. Step 8: Turn the bootie Voila! You have a completed bootie. If this is your first one, repeat the steps to make the second bootie. If this is your second bootie, Package them up and ship them to your family member or friend who just had a baby!

How can I contribute to the Booties by Bri project?

You can contribute to the Booties by Bri project in any of the below ways:

  1. Purchase a pair of booties for a family member of friend.
  2. Donate money to cover the cost of booties for new parents.
  3. Donate yarn - if you can purchase from a local yarn or craft store, that would be awesome!
    1. My favorite yarn is Cascade Yarns Chunky Cherub.
    2. My local yarn store is Imagiknit. They have free shipping over $28!
  4. Make and donate booties! Follow the pattern provided in the Question "How do I make my own pair of booties?" and ship them to Booties by Brianna. Please ship in "bulk" to help cut down on shipping costs.

Where do I ship yarn or booties to Booties by Bri?

If you're interested in shipping yarn or booties to Booties by Bri, please email bootiesbybri@gmail.com. Please include any details on the yarn used and quantity of yarn or booties being shipped.

How do I care for my Booties by Bri?

Booties by Bri are machine washer and dryer safe! New parents shouldn’t have to hand wash if they don't want to. Machine wash warm. Tumble dry. (I recommend hand wash cycle or gentle cycle if available.)

How do I pay for Booties by Bri?

To pay for your Booties by Bri, you have two options listed below in order of preference. For all orders, please include your first and last name, order #, and quantity in the notes section. Option 1: Zelle payment to bootiesbybri@gmail.com

  • Check out the list of banks and credit unions supported by Zelle.
  • You can pay through the Zelle app or through your bank or credit union app. Once you're set up, all you need is the email to send payment!
Option 2: Venmo payment to @Brianna-Frisch
  • Please keep all payments private to keep your information safe.
  • My profile photo is of a pair of booties!

How do I know my payment was received?

Once your payment has been received by Booties by Bri via Zelle/your bank or Venmo, you will receive an invoice showing a $0.00 balance. This is your official confirmation on payment.

When will my Booties by Bri order arrive?

Your order will be shipped within 7 days of your order being placed. All orders will be shipped via USPS ground shipping and tracking information will be provided via email with shipping confirmation. The length of time will vary depending on time required to ship from San Francisco to your shipping address.

Can I choose the color or design of my Booties by Bri purchase?

At this time, all Booties by Bri orders are a surprise in color and design! I do my best to purchase yarns that are neutral in color, but I'm at the mercy of availability of the yarn colors from stores. It's more important to get booties made, regardless of the color, and get them on the feet of babies.

How do I buy a pair as a gift if I can't afford the $22 family and friends cost?

If you want to get a pair of Booties by Bri as a gift for a family or friend having a baby but can't afford the $22 cost, please reach out to me directly via the contact form. The point of this project is to get booties to babies and remind parents their child is loved. Cost should not be a prohibitive factor.